Mariposa Chandelier

The Mariposa Chandelier attempts to make taking the stairs more appealing than the elevator, promoting health and engaging with viewers by allowing them to trigger animations and sounds that flow throughout the entire installation.

Working with Shears Atkins & Rockmore and ADX Portland through an intensive prototyping and planning process, we put our team of programmers, designers, and fabricators to work to engineer, troubleshoot and construct this high tech installation.

Each of the 140 individual custom acrylic and aluminum LED lamps are strategically located over nearly 600-feet of marine-grade stainless steel cable, tensioned between two hulking steel structural anchors.

Mariposa uses 36 push buttons embedded in the staircase to pinpoint viewers’ locations, illuminating corresponding lamps, and allowing anyone entering the stairwell to interact with the installation based on their motions.